Sunday 29th July 2018

The Journey Home

After minimal sleep, our wakeup call came at 3:00am. We checked out of the hotel and boarded the coach with Linda for the final time. For the first time ever, the streets of Beijing were deadly silent… the cars, mopeds, bikes and scooters were resting at home with their owners. We arrived at the airport, checked in and said our final goodbyes to our good friend, Linda who now left waved us off as no longer her friends but ‘best friends’. She gave each of us a hug as we passed through security and reminded us that we would always have a friend waiting in Beijing to greet us when we next visited China.

Following a long time passing through security, we had only moments to spray ourselves with a little perfume and aftershave and spend the last of our Yuan (Chinese money) before making our way to the gate. Boarding the plane, we took one last breath of Chinese air and recalled the many memories of our trip.

Recalling the highs and lows, and indeed the many fun times and laughs, we passed the time by talking about our experiences during the 2 weeks in Beijing and Changzhou. After 16 or more hours travelling in the air, we landed at Manchester International Airport where we were greeted by our parents, friends and families.

After months in the planning, our China adventure was over.

We would like to thank our parents and families for making this trip possible for us, along with the Governors who helped us on our way. To our China Mum and Dad, Miss Cox and Mr Redfern, thank you. #TeamSPHonTour to China will live long in our memories.


Xièxiè, zàijiàn

Thank you and good bye.


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