Thursday 19th July 2018

Mandarin Lessons and Dancing in the Square 

Thursday began with the Opening Ceremony presented by Changzhou Senior High School of Jiangsu Province.  The Head Boy and Girl opened the ceremony with an introduction to the audience of the school and province officials from the education department and local government. This was followed by introductions of the staff from UK schools.  In true China style, this required Mr Redfern and Miss Cox to take a bow (somewhat awkwardly) in thanks of the very warm welcome as students applauded.  The Head Boy and Girl spoke very eloquently with perfect English and the Head of the School flew the camp’s flag with pride to signify the opening of the Chinese Summer Camp. Following the ceremony, a huge group photo captured the memory of this moment. 

Shortly after, students were taken for a lesson on an ‘Introduction to China’ and its famous attractions through facts and figures.  Then, students began their very first Mandarin lesson.  In this, they paired up with their buddies to learn greetings and dialogue in classroom practice – some students even becoming a teacher for some of the lesson!  (This was a welcomed task for Adam L who led the class with confidence) and, Amber and Chloe who acted as monitors in the role-play).  After this, students learnt numbers with different tones and practised these in games of Bingo and Connect Four.  

After dinner, we had a stroll through the beautiful Cherry Blossom Park where students experienced the traditional gardens of China with great expanses of water and pagodas.  Somewhat less expected, however, was the big band on the walkway through the trees and the multi-coloured square lit for dancing.  Amber, Samantha and Emily all danced with a Chinese partner who invited them to dance.  Adam L, however, plucked up the courage to ask a lady to lead him to dance and, generally all toes were spared any suffering!  Samantha may have been the luckiest / most unfortunate though as her song seemed to last for an eternity – or at least 5 minutes! Amber’s buddy joined us this evening for our stroll around town following dinner and was welcomed into the SPH roll call where all members shout their individual number within the group to check that each person is present; Xú xiāo yǔ’s (徐 骁 宇)number 15 was heard loudest and proudest of all as an honouree member of the #TeamSPH squad!  Once we’d made our way through the park, we arrived at a large shopping centre where students bought gifts; took a go on the wobble boards and saw the many live foods available to buy.  (Snakes, eels, fish and terrapins). Other pre-prepared body parts included: brains, intestines, testicles and chicken claws!  Of course, SPH students were not so keen to eat these delicacies, instead remained with the ever-familiar box of Oreo cookies and a bottle of Coke.    


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