Evidence shows that in order to develop organisational skills and independence, along with life skills that lead on from this, you must come to school appropriately equipped. 

At SPH, we have high standards and expectations in all areas and this should also be evidenced in the way in which you organise yourself as a Student.  You must attend school appropriately equipped and ready to learn so that you fulfil a ‘memorable and successful journey’.

The equipment that you are required to bring to school daily to aid your organisation and engage in all activities in lessons includes:

·         A school bag
·         Your school Planner
·         Your CUSP Bookmark
·         Two or more black or blue biro/ball-point pens
·         A Scientific calculator
·         A ruler (ideally 30 cm)
·         A Pencil
·         A Pencil sharpener
·         Coloured pencils


Additional equipment that will also be used on a regular basis includes the following:

·         A glue-stick

·         Red biro/ ballpoint pen

·         Purple biro/ ballpoint pen

*It would be highly beneficial for you to come to school with the above so that you can ensure all work is neatly presented and you can self/ peer assess and make improvements to your work.

Homework is any work or activity that Students are asked to complete outside of lesson time-

either on their own, with peers or with support from Parents or Carers.


You will be set Homework weekly or fortnightly as applicable to the subject’s curriculum time.


Core Subjects will set Homework once a week.  

•       Weekly Homework will be set and marked on ‘Century’ and the VLE.  (You will be set 2/3 nuggets of a full course.  Should you wish to continue with independent study, you can work through the course).

•       Longer written pieces of Homework will be set every fortnight.


Other subjects will set Homework once a fortnight. 




Homework can be varied and include:

• Knowledge-based tasks which can be assessed though self/peer marking.

• Memory retention tasks such as the learning of key terms/ vocabulary for low stake quizzes/ testing.

• Comprehension and retrieval tasks to develop a deeper understanding of a topic.

• Independent reading to encourage students to read for pleasure and develop literacy skills.

• Preparation or planning tasks prior to a lesson so that heightened learning can take place in the classroom.

• Research-based projects, in order to develop students’ collaboration and/ or independence; stimulate new thinking and enhance skills over time.

• Real world tasks which prompt students to experience a topic in context.

• Examination questions to support students’ ability to apply and master skills   independently. 


Once completed, Homework will be marked on Century or the VLE or in class for Key Term or Knowledge quizzes.

Homework completed to a high standard will be rewarded with credits.

Incomplete Homework will follow the behaviour policy:

·         Warning and debit.

·         Second warning, debit and lunch detention.

·         If Homework is still incomplete, after school detention and Parents/ Carers informed.

·         If Homework continues to be incomplete, Head of Department will send email/ speak directly to Parents/ Carers and after school detentions will take place with the Head of Department after school.