Our Mission Statement emphasises our aim to ensure that all students fulfil their ‘potential’ and have ‘inspiration and passion for learning’.  The provision of regular, rich, relevant homework tasks, appropriate to their needs and to the demands of the curriculum is considered to be an essential part of the entitlement of all our pupils.  The prime purpose of Homework is to enhance Students’ learning and enrich support Students’ academic progress and foster the development of personal and individual study skills.

All homework tasks (regardless of submission requirements) are set by teachers using the VLE.  All students have individual logins and parents also have access to student homework accounts.  MLTV may also be used for additional revision or intervention sessions during P6 for KS4 Students.

For Core Subjects, weekly Homework on Century will be set on the VLE.  (This should include two or more nuggets of a full course per week).  A longer piece of written Homework/ an alternative piece every fortnight may be set in addition and / marked on the VLE.

Other subjects must set work once a fortnight.  Homework can contribute towards a longer project for completion at end of the half term but again, Homework must be set and marked on the VLE with regular feedback provided throughout.


Homework can be varied and include:

• Knowledge-based tasks which can be assessed though self/peer marking.

• Memory retention tasks such as the learning of key terms/ vocabulary for low stake quizzes/ testing.

• Comprehension and retrieval tasks to develop a deeper understanding of a topic.

• Independent reading to encourage students to read for pleasure and develop literacy skills.

• Preparation or planning tasks prior to a lesson so that heightened learning can take place in the classroom.

• Research-based projects, in order to develop students’ collaboration and/ or independence; stimulate new thinking and enhance skills over time.

• Real world tasks which prompt students to experience a topic in context.

• Examination questions to support students’ ability to apply and master skills   independently. 



Monitoring and Feedback of Homework:

Key Point about Homework


Homework is set weekly/ fortnightly as applicable to the subject


Record kept in Teacher Planner and Marked on VLE/ marked on Century.

Completed Homework pieces

Receive Positive Feedback on the VLE/

Credits on SIMS

Incomplete Homework pieces

Follow the behaviour police: Warning, Lunch Detention, After-school Detention and Parents informed (Class teacher)


Repeatedly missed/ incomplete Homework throughout the half-term

HoD send In Touch/ speak to Parents/ Departmental after-school Detention