Key Stage 3

KEY STAGE 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Entitlement to Careers Education, Information and Guidance




Key Stage 3 Careers Entitlement – Years 7,8 and 9

Career learning and development at Key stage 3 aims to equip students with the necessary information and skills to manage their own career portfolio and support progression to GCSE/BTEC study from Year 9 and on to the next stage of their learning after Year 11. Independent, impartial and up to date careers advice and guidance is available to all students to support their choices.

Careers Education- Skills and Knowledge development

In Years 7, 8 and 9, students will be taught careers education through their form tutor period, assemblies ad a PSHE lesson as part of the PIXL-Edge programme.

Skills and Knowledge Development: Through the PIXL-Edge programme students develop key employability skills in Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. Students receive accreditation for this at Apprentice Level. The careers focus for this programme at key stage 3 is;

  • Investigating work and working life-why people work, types of job, future of work and pathways to work, links to curriculum subjects 
  • How organisations work-types of businesses
  • Skills needed at work- personal skills and interest and matching to work
  • Gaining a competitive edge


By the end of Key Stage 4, we expect all students to have a greater understanding of:

  • How work is changing and how this impacts on people’s satisfaction with their working lives.
  • Linking subject interests to jobs
  • How organisations are structured
  • Personal strengths and interests and how these may link to future Career Pathways
  •  Identify how to gain a competitive edge



2019 Programme: Year 7- – Further Careers Inputs-  Events and Guidance


·         Understanding the learning journey throughout school

·         Familiarise pupils with the Careers area- Careers Adviser visits all Year 7 groups

·         World of Work day -Employers and Employer organisations visit school to support Employability skills


2019 Programme: Year 8 – Further careers Inputs-  Events and Guidance

  • Fast Tomato Group session – Students create a Fast Tomato Careers Interest guide account and investigate career interest and links to Subject option choice for Key stage 4. Students practice their option choices. Students bring home their Username and Password.

           The Fast Tomato account stays with the student throughout their Learning Journey through school.

  •  World of Work day-  Employers and Employer organisations visit school to support Employability skills
  •  Some students may have an early Careers meeting with the Careers Adviser


2019 Programme: Year 9 – Further careers Inputs-  Events and Guidance

  •  Fast Tomato Update session
  •  Apprenticeships – What they are, local opportunities.
  •  World of Work day-  Employers and Employer organisations visit school to support Employability skills
  •  Careers Discussion -Some students may have an early Careers meeting with the Careers Adviser


Some useful websites


Fast Tomato – Careers Interest guide with information of jobs and apprenticeships, College and University courses – all students have a username and password for this programme- it is recorded on the student’s Career Plan which is sent home.

START- An online careers platform, designed to connect 11-18 year olds with their future career potential and opportunities, on which you can create an account


icould- take the buzz quiz and watch video clips of people talking about their jobs


Parental Guidance -A guide for parents to career choice for young people aged 13-25



Success at School – information on all things careers, including linking jobs to school subjects


Apprenticeships -Information on apprenticeships; you can sign up to create an account. All apprenticeship vacancies are advertised through this site. Create an account via the Find an Apprenticeship link


icanbea  - match your skills to job ideas


CareersBox- Films of people in jobs and how they got there