About The Governors

Who are the Governors


Governors are members of a school’s Governing Body, which is a ‘corporate body’


A corporate body has a legal identity that is separate from its members and as a result, individual Governors are generally protected from personal liability as a result of the Governing Body’s decisions and actions taken by them, providing they act honestly, reasonably and in good faith.

Individual Governors have no power or right to act on behalf of the Governing Body except where the whole Governing Body has delegated a specific function to that individual or where regulations specify that a function is to be exercised in a particular way.

The Governing Body has a range of duties and powers and a general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievements. This may include setting targets for pupil attainment, managing the school’s finances, making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, appointing staff, reviewing staff performance and pay and most importantly helping to drive school improvement.

The Governing Body has considerable discretion as to how to discharge its responsibilities but is required to constitute itself in line with specific regulations and to appoint a chair and vice chair.

School Governors are drawn from different parts of the community, this helps to ensure that the Governing Body has sufficient diversity of views, expertise and experience. Under its ‘Instrument of Governance’ the Governing Body at St Philip Howard Catholic School consists of:

  1. Foundation Governors [7] who are nominated/elected by the Diocese following advice
  2. Parent Governor [1] elected by the parents, [they do not act as a representative of the parents at the school and do not report back to them]
  3. Teacher/Staff Governors [1] elected by the Staff,
  4. Local Authority Governor [1] nominated by the Local Authority and
  5. Associate Governor [1] elected by the Governors


Associate Governors who are invited to join the Governing Body because of a particular expertise they may have. The Associate Governors do not have voting rights but participate fully in all other ways.

The Governing Body meets at least once a term. However Governors are involved in two other working committees depending on their expertise and responsibilities. They are the Resource Management Committee [RMC] which meets on a monthly basis and the Teaching and Learning Committee [TLC] which meets each half term. Both these committees have delegated powers from the Full Governing Body.

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2015/16 Governors and attendance                                                                                                                                                                                                

2016/17 Governors and attendance


"Governors have shown a great deal of commitment." - Ofsted, 2018


Governing Body 2018/19
Mr M. O'Connell - Chair of Governors 


Mr M Oconnell Gov Pic.JPG


My name is Martin O Connell and I have had a happy and enjoyable life thanks to the opportunities education gave me.

I am retired and am a governor because I believe strongly that every young person should have access to a first-class education

which opens opportunities and life chances for them just as it did for me. I am committed to making sure that St Philip Howard CVA

provides outstanding educational opportunities for everyone in the Glossop Area. I read sociology and criminology for an MA Econ.

at Manchester University where I wrote the world’s first “Cost Benefit Analysis” of crime prevention. I went on to work for the Probation

Service where I was the project co-ordinator of the Kirkholt Crime Prevention Project which was later voted one of the world’s 100 most

influential crime reduction initiatives by the International Crime Prevention Institute. This was a Home Office demonstration project run in

conjunction with Manchester University and the Home Office which focussed on burglary reduction. I was Chair of the GMAC (Greater

Manchester Against Crime) Initiative which brought together various agencies in the Greater Manchester Area working together to reduce crime.

This included all 10 Local Authorities, Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services, the NHS in various guises, and

a variety of other organisations. I went on to work on various aspects of the crime agenda including youth crime, social cohesion, drugs and

dangerous offenders.



Mrs M. Hyde - Vice-Chair of Governors 


 Mrs M Hyde Pic.jpg        

I have been a foundation Governor for four years and have seen the school go from strength to strength. I chair the teaching and learning committee and sit on the resources and pupil welfare committees. My background has always been in education with a large part of my teaching career spent in Glossop.

Prior to my retirement I was Headteacher of the Federation of All Saints and St Margaret’s which puts me in the unique position of having taught many of the pupils in school, and I very much enjoy hearing about their progress and successes.



Mrs E. Soper - Foundation Governor 


Emma Soper.jpg


Mrs S. Anker - Foundation Governor


  Mrs S Anker Gov Pic.jpg 

My name is Sharmaine Anker and I am delighted to join the team of Governors at SPH.  I have lived in Glossop my whole life

and have fond memories of my time at SPH as a child. I have 2 children. One of which is a pupil at SPH and the other will be

joining in September. I have worked as a nurse for over 20 years across a variety of specialties and I am looking forward to

contributing to resource and pupil welfare as part of my role at SPH. 


Mrs A. Wood - Foundation Governor 


 Mrs A Wood.jpg 

I am married with two children both of whom attend local Catholic schools - St Marys Crowned and St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary

Academy. As a Catholic I am passionate about the importance of Catholic education and I myself attended St Philip Howard before going

on to study A Levels at Xaverian and then University to read Law.  Following my graduation I gained great life experience travelling whilst

I worked as Cabin Crew for four years. Following this I began a career in the Charity Sector progressing to manage large numbers of

volunteers and staff working  on complex budgets and delivering on targets. Following the arrival of our second daughter I set up my own business

in animal care. All these different roles have given me a wealth of experience that I can utilise in my role as Governor at St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary

Academy helping to ensure an excellent education with a Catholic caring ethos for both students and staff.



Fr. Gregory Tobin- Governor 

 Fr Greg pic.jpg  

I am the Parish Priest of Glossop. You are welcome at my churches anytime. We have a Saturday evening mass @ 6 pm @ All Saints, Church St.

Then Sunday morning masses @ 9.30 @ St Mary crowned Sumner Street and 11am at All Saints’. We have a welcoming atmosphere prayerful

liturgy with music and children’s activities so come and say hello. There are great benefits spiritually for your child to belong to the church close to their school.



Miss E Groarke - Clerk to the Governors